Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wk 3 Think Out Loud Post – Publication and Presentation

Following on from week 2 I have been researching ESL conferences in the UK and other locations. I have been very interested in what the British Council offers as they are a forerunner in British English instruction. Unfortunately They aren’t taking submissions. Upon further research I found 4th UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference at King’s College London, UK. This conference is about developing and promoting multidisciplinary practices in the field of Cognitive Linguistics. I am also excited about this opportunity back in the UK because I really want to make a contribution to my home. In the days of globalization I feel it only natural.

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  1. Hello Meesh! The conference you found sounds wonderful. I have never been to the UK but it's always nice to combine a bit of travel with hard work. I'm sure you'll find an interesting perspective to share with the attendees. Good luck to you!