Sunday, November 13, 2011

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Think Out-Loud - Part 2

Okay, so now that I have had much more time to think about this and do some more research, I have realized that I need to apply to present at a conference that is much more suited for my specialty - foreign languages and technology. I found a fantastic conference that is actually located near me in Austin, TX at the University of Texas. It is the Texas Foreign Language Education Conference. The theme is the classroom of tomorrow....using technology in the classroom. I am pleased to have found this conference as I think I will have a much better chance of being accepted and it is exactly based around the subject of foreign languages and technology -- two of my favorite subjects.

In preparation for a proposal, I reviewed the submission requirements. Two things that I saw really pleased me. First, there are two types of presentations that they like to see: one is discussion based with the presenter leading the discussion. But, the other is project based (my CBR project came readily to mind). First I would present for 20 minutes about the research, then steps of and conclusion of the project. Later, a Q/A session would take place. I like this format and it fits in well with what I hoped to do. Secondly, part of the submission process includes an abstract! The information they want in the abstract is exactly what will be due for the abstract to be completed this week for this month's class. Killing two birds with one stone is always wonderful. :)

Meesh Capeesh said...
Jeff, isn't it wonderful to find these conferences for language teachers. This field is so broad and abstract as with other field it deserves its own space. It seems you have a real sense of self accomplishment with all the wonderful work you have done thus far. Keep it up!

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