Friday, November 4, 2011

Wk 2 Peer Comments: Lara Large

MAC blog post #5: week 2 reading
The book The Art of Possibility is an interesting approach to changing one's thinking to create positivity in one's life. So far, I am most struck by the chapter on the "invented-ness" of our reality. I enjoy the idea that by understanding the nature of our perception, we can change it to be free from the limitations we impose and the judgements of others. Several very simple analogies and illustrations are given on these points. I am interested to discover how one frees oneself from some of the more concrete pressures associated with limitations, such as inadequate income. The idea of "contributing" rather than "achieving" is liberating in and of itself.

Meesh Capeesh said...

How interesting it is that the concept of reprogramming our mind is so abstract. When in reality that is exactly what we have been doing form day dot. We can if we really want, do anything we want and believe anything we want. This reminds me of something my father told me. His first wife was German and she was taught in school that Hitler was a good man that he did good by his country . . . Yet to us on the outside our programming of reality paints a very different picture.

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