Sunday, April 10, 2011


In this post I will be sharing my practical experience and a new Web 2.0 tool named Voicethread. 

After watching the tutorial I was rather excited to get started, it looked like a super efficient product to use and I jumped right in. The initial signup is easy, due to the use of flash it takes a little while to navigate efficiently around the program. I did have initial reservations as to how I could implement this in class as one of the feedback comments was that they didn’t want to sign up to all these platforms. Luckily with Voicethread, you can create multiple identities under the same account.

What does this mean? Take for example the following scenario. A group of students get together and do research, rather than wasting time on creating an individual log in for each student, you can use the generic login for the class. Once logged in, you can create multiple identities under the same user. In case you were wondering, learners can still personalize their identity by adding a picture and a name.

The different media that can be uploaded is phenomenal I was really impressed by the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery. Being able to view through all this amazing art is definitely an amazing tool to be utilized in the classroom.  You can also add input from facebook, flickr and even your other voicethreads. I experimented with using input from the NY Public Library gallery. I did have to watch some tutorials to figure out how to doodle on the screen (drawing on the media playing). Luckily the tutorial voicethreads allow you to practice the directions right then and there. 

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