Saturday, April 9, 2011


Huzzah! A miracle has happened!! I just found out about changing the speed preferences on thanks to my fellow student Rick. I was on the verge of throwing the machine out the window! Ok not really but I was getting annoyed. 

This wonderful little feature allows me to watch the videos at up to double the speed! This is fantastic as I can still get my skimming experience, pause, take notes and continue at my leisure. A sigh of joy and relief. As I had mentioned in the previous post I was finding it challenging sitting through the videos. This was exasperated due to the speed of the tutorials. Low and behold had already resolved this issue with the use of Quicktime when watching the tutorial.

This is fairly easy to do and doesn’t disrupt the work flow. Also I managed to get an external monitor so now I have 2 screens to work from. This makes the Lynda experience even more enjoyable as I can watch the tutorial on 1 screen and follow along in the application on the other.

Now I’m well into the meat and gravy of the tutorials, I am totally loving the beat markers facility on the program when syncing music and pictures. Garrick Chow continues to deliver a nice fluid tutorial and even shares a good workflow to follow. If it hadn’t been for the ability to turn on advanced features I may have thrown in the towel. I have made peace with my issue of not having the freedom of Final Cut Pro at my finger tips.

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