Saturday, April 9, 2011


In this Practical Experience assignment we had was to complete the iMovie 11 training on Lynda is an amazing tutorial site, which I highly recommend for everyone. It covers tutorials from beginner to advanced levels, from Adobe Pro applications to Windows 7.

When I first looked at the tutorial my initial thoughts were "do I really have to sit through all of this?" It was hard for me to follow the linear fashion, as I normally jump from video to video, picking out the bits I like.  This wasn’t the only reason though.

Having used iMovie already, going over the basics was challenging, I just wanted to skip over the parts I already knew how to do but I just kept telling myself I would learn something new, which I did.

So far the instructor, Garrick Chow, has done a really good job of running you through it, though maybe a little too well for people who have a bit of experience with the program.  Already I have a page full of notes and some nice little tricks like enabling the advance options, under my belt.

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