Saturday, April 9, 2011


The last installment of my week 2 practical experience. All in all it has been a pleasurable one.
After changing my settings and setting up my learning environment my Lynda experience was a lot more enjoyable.  I completed the course and got my certificate of completion (fancy).

Overall I learnt a lot of good little tips and was able to personalise my iMovie tutorial videos to fit my level of experience more.  I would have liked it if Garrick Chow (the instructor) had a little tips and tricks tutorial. I am a big advocate of work-flow optimization and I feel that more of that could have been addressed in the tutorial. Also in practice the iMovie, audio marker functionality is not as smooth as made out to be in the tutorial. I had a few lags when I was putting together my piece simply because I didn't follow the laid out order. 

If possible I highly suggest having a second screen to watch as you follow along in the application in the other screen. It makes for a much more interactive experience. Before, I would have to revisit the application, then the tutorial a few times to access the correct tool menus and such.

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