Saturday, April 2, 2011


Discovering Web 2.0 Tools

For this blog post I will be discussing the use of a Web 2.0 tool called is an online music engine based on a massive collection of Music Profiles uploaded by other users. Each music profile belongs to somebody, and describes his or her taste in music. uses the user music profiles to make personalized recommendations and generate custom radio stations for each person.

The reason why I use is that it allows me to promote the music I like with the push of one button. It can also be synced up to iTunes to create a playlist, which allows me to advertise, as an artist, and share a playlist to an audience. Not to mention it introduces me to new artists and music. You can also find out where they would be playing next. can also boost sales as it generates a link once the track is liked by another user to where my music would be available to be bought.

For example, if my track is on my profile and it turns up on someone else’s playlist, when the press love, they will then be directed to the Amazon or iTunes store for example. It can also become part of an automated stream for SEO content, timely content and real time streaming, always available music.

Lastly, Poptooco can be linked to Poptooco is a mobile application that allows you to share your playlist with other people in the area via your iPhone or other compatible mobile device.

To summarise, is uber easy to use, you get to listen to music you like and be exposed to new music. Try it! You might like it.


  1. Great tool, Michelle. From a teacher's perspective I am wondering if high school or college students in a statistic course could track songs, tweets or other data as a learning experience while sharing and discovering new music. Possibly even something cross-curricular with a music department.

  2. I am a music lover and have several friends you are recording artists and musicians. This tool sounds like one that I can also share with them to help them promote their music. It sounds good to me because it would allow me to create a playlis to music that I love. Great find.

  3. This comment is a bit late, but thanks for doing your review of It reminded me that I use more Web2.0 tools than I think I do. You got cited in my blog entry!